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Brazilian Buttock Lift

Some individuals are born with a “back porch” that lacks definition, therefore appearing flat, particularly in slacks. Others lose volume and projection of the buttocks through the aging process or through weight gain and loss cycles. Performing a Brazilian Butt Lift to create a more rounded, “perkier” look can be performed alone or in combination with other body procedures such as a body lift or liposuction, here at our Long Island plastic surgery practice.

Ideal Candidates for a Brazilian Buttock Lift
The ideal candidate for a buttock lift or augmentation is a man or woman of any age who is otherwise in good health, but for genetic or age-related reasons is unsatisfied with the contour of his or her buttocks.

How a Brazilian Buttock Lift is Performed
A buttock lift can be achieved by either one of two methods: removal of extra skin and tightening of the skin and tissue beneath the upper area of the buttocks to lift the buttocks, with or without adjacent liposuction, and/or fat injection or implants. The fat injection method is often called a Brazilian Butt Lift. The buttock lift is generally done under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.

If the buttocks are very large, you may benefit from liposuction to reduce the overall size, followed by re-contouring to create a better shape. If your bottom lacks projection, we may insert either an implant or fat injection to the buttocks to fill out the bottom and provide lift. Dr. Gerut also performs an innovative new procedure in which the excess tissue from the upper buttock and lower hip area is used to increase buttock projection with lifting at the same time, providing for better long term maintenance than with injections of fat. If the buttocks are sagging but there is adequate tissue available, the butt is simply lifted by removing tissue and tightening the surrounding skin to create a more pleasing contour. In general, any skin removed is closed at the buttock crease to hide the suture line.

Recovery from a Brazilian Buttock Lift
Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. Zachary Gerut advises his patients to avoid sitting for one week to avoid stressing the area, and when seated, to use a cushion or inflatable ring. You will need to sleep on your stomach during this time as well. Returning to regular activities takes about two to four weeks, provided your work does not involve extensive sitting.

If you’re concerned about the shape, size or projection of your butt and wish to have a more appealing shape, contact Dr. Gerut at (516) 295-2100 or by completing our online consultation form.

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