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How Long Before My Breast Implants Soften?

Some women are disappointed when they realize that the results of their breast augmentation surgery are not immediately visible. Instead, their breasts may feel hard and sore. Unless you understand how long it will take for your breast implants to naturally soften, you risk being disappointed the first few weeks after your breast augmentation. This article is meant to help you get the facts about breast softening after augmentation.

For most breast augmentation patients, it requires anywhere from two to six months for your breast implants to soften to the point that your breasts feel natural.

What is Normal?
One of the reasons for post-operative breast augmentation stiffness is normal, ordinary swelling. When this swelling diminishes, your implants settle down into the “pockets” created by Dr. Gerut to hold the implants. As this settling progresses, your breasts appear (and feel) more and more natural. Be aware that larger implants will take longer to soften and settle than smaller implants.

Every woman’s breasts soften at an individual rate after breast augmentation surgery. Just because your sister’s implants felt “normal” two weeks after surgery doesn’t mean that yours will. However, if your breasts continue to feel hard to the touch, it may indicate a condition called capsular contracture, which is caused by scar tissue in the breast implant pocket. Though rare, if you are concerned about ongoing hardness of your breasts post-surgery, do call our office at 516-295-2100 to schedule an appointment. You will be seeing us for post-up appointments but an extra appointment is not a problem at all and we will be glad that you came in.

How to Soften Your Breasts After Breast Augmentation
One of the best things to do after breast implant surgery is to massage the breasts on a daily basis, several times a day. Simply gently push the implants up and down, inward and outward. This helps to open the breast pocket and lessens the chance for capsular contracture. We will show you how to do this so that you don’t irritate your incisions.

A breast augmentation procedure at our Long Island plastic surgery practice can change your life. You’ll feel more self-confident and enjoy shopping for clothing, something many women dread prior to breast augmentation.

If you’re considering breast implants, call 516-295-2100 today or complete our online consultation form to schedule your consultation. Click here to see our breast augmentation photo gallery.

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