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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Upper eyelid surgery is a simple procedure that reverses the aging of the upper eyelids. Generally, the procedure removes the extra skin and puffiness that accumulate on and above the upper eyelids due to aging.  Some people have this problem at a young age, others as they get older.  The other cause of extra skin is drooping of the eyebrows.  When this downward movement of the eyebrows is severe, an eyebrow lift may be needed, either instead of or perhaps in addition to the upper eyelid surgery. 

Dr. Gerut approaches upper eyelid rejuvenation with great attention to detail.  If a simple upper lid procedure is sufficient, the extra skin removal will provide a very pleasant cosmetic improvement. Because upper eyelids can be quite different from one person to another there is usually quite a bit of planning needed before this surgery. For example, Claudia Schiffer, a beautiful woman, has upper eyelids that have so much puffiness under her eyebrow that you usually cannot see whatever color eye shadow she is wearing. Her eyes are not old looking because of this; this is how her young eyelids are shaped. Dolly Parton on the other hand has very large and hollow upper eyelids, probably because she has had generic eyelid surgery once or even more than once, leaving the area hollow. Some people get hollow upper eyelids as they age and other people from generic surgery.

Just as Dr. Gerut plans his facial rejuvenation surgery, you must show us a picture of your upper eyelids when you were young so Dr. Gerut can give that back to you (unless of course you would rather have different shaped upper eyelids).

During your consultation, Dr. Gerut will discuss your exact goals in rejuvenating your eyelids.  Exactly how the surgery is done depends on your desired outcome.  Some patients want a large upper eyelid to show and others wish a more subtle appearance.  Based on your desires, Dr. Gerut will decide exactly how the surgery is to be done.  Many patients choose to do lower eyelid surgery at the same time as the upper eyelids.  Also, if you have been using or wish to use Botox to get rid of the wrinkles between your eyebrows, Dr. Gerut can permanently diminish these wrinkles surgically at the time of upper eyelid surgery with a procedure called a mini-forehead lift.  Dr. Gerut will discuss these options with you during your consultation.

The Upper Eyelid Procedure

This procedure can be carried out using local anesthesia or twilight sedation with local anesthesia.  In only a few cases, general anesthesia might be used.  If other procedures are to be done at the same time, the anesthesia choice may be different.  Dr. Gerut will discuss your anesthesia options with you.

When planning your surgery, Dr. Gerut will decide how much skin requires

removal.  Lines will be drawn on your upper eyelids so that the appropriate amount of skin can be removed.  Upper eyelid surgery involves removing the extra skin and if necessary, altering the contour of the tissues around the upper eyelid, for example fixing the hollows and if there is work to be done either under the eyebrow or on the forehead, it is accomplished, after which the incision is closed using very fine stitches.  Following this ice pads will be applied to the eyes to minimize bruising and swelling.

Recovery from Upper Eyelid Surgery

The recovery from upper eyelid surgery is usually fairly simple.  There is usually no pain, perhaps only a tiny bit of soreness.  Most patients can return to normal activity in a few days.  Some may have to cover bruising with makeup or tinted glasses. 

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