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Fat Injections

What Are Fat Injections?

Your body fat is an excellent soft tissue filler that can be used instead of popularly advertised fillers (Restylane, Juvéderm, etc) to treat; facial aging such as frown lines, smile lines, and other wrinkles and even some facial sagging; to treat aging of the hands and to improve facial definition in the cheeks and chin. Fat can also be used to fill in dented areas, such as some scars. 

Some benefits of fat injections:

  • Non-allergenic, since the fat is derived from your own body
  • Cost effective especially when combined with a liposuction procedure
  • Results can be permanent

Are Fat Injections Right for Me?

Because fat injections are based on the patient’s own body fat, called autologous fat, it’s essential that the patient have enough fat available. If you are very thin it may not be possible to extract sufficient fat. Dr. Gerut will evaluate this during your private consultation at his plastic surgery practice in Hewlett, Long Island, just outside NYC. 

It is important to remember that the aesthetic improvements from fat injections, also called fat transfer, can be permanent, but the patient must undergo the procedure more than once because only a fraction of the injected fat will remain permanently. 

What is the Fat Injection Procedure?

Both the donor site (usually the buttocks, thighs or abdomen) and the area to be treated are injected with local anesthetic. Fluids are placed into the donor area to soften the fat and make it easier to remove. Via liposuction, the donor fat is removed and then processed to remove the excess fluids, leaving just the fat cells. Those fat cells are then injected into the desired area. Because some of the fat will be absorbed in the coming weeks, “overfilling” is done to compensate for this expected loss. If a patient so desires, any extra fat cells can be frozen for future use. 

Recovery from Fat Injections

Other than mild discomfort at the donor and treatment sites, recovery is fairly rapid but, it depends upon how much fat is transferred. Most patients experience no more discomfort than that which they experience with dermal filler injections. The only real recovery issue is that since extra fat has to be injected, the swelling will definitely last a few days and perhaps more.  For patients who combine a traditional liposuction procedure with added fat transfer, a few days off work and social engagements to fully recover from liposuction is generally adequate. 

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