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Forehead / Brow Lift

Many of the brow lift patients who have their procedures in my accredited plastic surgery suite in Hewlett, Long Island, came to me with concerns about the appearance of a descending brow that “hung over” their eyes, and/or extensive and deep wrinkling in the forehead. A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, is an excellent option for those patients, as it lifts the brow to a higher–but natural–position that alleviates brow drooping and deep wrinkles in the forehead. This procedure can take years from ones appearance!

Ideal Candidates for a Brow Lift
A brow lift is appropriate for adult men and women who have drooping brows that cannot be adequately resolved with a blepharoplasty alone. Although often combined with a blepharoplasty or a facelift, a brow lift can–and often is–performed alone.

How a Brow Lift or Forehead Lift is Performed
A brow lift is an elective outpatient plastic surgery performed under general or local anesthesia plus sedation in Dr. Gerut’s fully accredited and licensed surgical suite located in his office in Hewlett, Long Island. Plastic surgery patients benefit from the attention to detail and patient comfort and safety that result from Dr. Gerut’s many years with the same surgical team, which includes the use of a board certified anesthesiologist.

Dr. Gerut most frequently performs an endoscopic brow lift, in which four tiny incisions are placed in the hairline after which an endoscope (a thin tube attached to a video camera on its end) is inserted to allow him to treat the brow muscles without making large incisions. Once the forehead muscles have been lifted and secured at the optimal height, tiny sutures are inserted.

Recovery from a Brow Lift
Although Dr. Gerut’s New York browlift patients generally find that discomfort is minimal, he provides prescriptions for medication prior to the procedure. Patients find that sleeping with the head elevated, such as in a recliner, often feels best the first few days when itching, swelling and puffiness is normal and can affect the cheeks and eyelids. Patients see Dr. Gerut within a few days after the procedure, at which time any bandages or drainage tubes (if used) are removed and showering and shampooing are permitted. Most patients are able to resume normal activities, including light exercise within two weeks following a forehead lift.

If you’re concerned about drooping, deep grooves and/or lines in your forehead, board certified New York plastic surgeon Dr. Gerut is here to help you. Call us at 516-295-2100 or complete our online consultation form to learn how you can get the look you’ve always wanted!

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