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Mommy Makeover Recovery Tips

You’ve finally taken the step to schedule your Mommy Makeover—a combination of breast rejuvenation, tummy tuck and, if appropriate, liposuction. Now it’s time to plan for your recovery period! You’ll want to consider your lifestyle requirements in terms of the help you’ll need after your surgery so that you can focus on recovery.

First, remember that Dr. Gerut will provide extensive instructions for you when you arrive for your final pre-op appointment. Be sure to read through these instructions and, by all means, fill the pain prescriptions in advance of need. You will want them and there’s no benefit to wait until after your procedure to get them.

Rest Matters
One of the first tips for a good recovery is to make sure you can get adequate rest. This includes good sleep, of course, but also the ability to “lay low,” and relax in front of the TV, with a good book or whatever you enjoy that doesn’t require you to be up and moving about. Too much activity too early on raises your heart rate, which can increase swelling.

Make arrangements for someone else to take over the things that require you to be up and about too early after your procedure: someone else to take the kids to school and after-school activities; someone to do the grocery shopping or do it in advance; help with meals, etc. You want to avoid bending, lifting or any extensive activity. Walking is fine, it lifts the spirits and keeps your digestive tract functional, which can be a challenge if you’re taking pain meds that often cause constipation. Let your body guide you, especially the first week or two.

Drink up, Shriners!
Hydration is always important but it’s extra essential during recovery. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine and focus on healthy liquids like pure water and the occasional juice or smoothie. Stock up on bottled water in advance and keep it cold, which enhances its appeal.

Eat Well
A healthy diet is always important and even more so after any surgery. This is another area where you can plan in advance with a trip to the grocery store for broth, veggies and easy-to-prepare meals. Find some frozen dinners at the store, try them out in advance, and stock up on the ones you like best or prepare meals in advance at home with friends or family members. Don’t neglect soups, as they can be filling and comforting when you aren’t feeling up to a full meal.

The Bottom Line
If you take the time to plan your Mommy Makeover recovery before your procedure you’ll find your recovery time an opportunity to catch up on movies, read the books you’ve put aside and just relax and pamper yourself. You should feel free to call us if you have any concerns in between your postop appointments.

To Your Health & Beauty,
Zachary Gerut, MD, FACS
Board Certified New York Plastic Surgeon

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